In the scheme of planning of Jamia Hashimpeer, a religious centre for the daughters of Islam was eminent and with the grace of Almighty Allah in June 2009, Jamia Al Batool was started where in large number of female students have taken admission.

The students are getting religious education presently. This institution has meritorious and highly qualified teachers (Muddariseen).

The teaching also includes moral education, and this is the first Ahle Sunnat Madarsa of Bijapur District exclusively for Women. Alhamdullilah, Al Baool has a grand two storey beautiful building with all facilities. It provides food and boarding facilities, along with vocational training like tailoring and computer courses. In addition, modern education is also provided.

We appeal to the parents to have admission to their daughters in the first place with relevant documents like Aadhar, TC and photos.

Jamia Fatimatuz Zohra at Campus of Al Jamiatul Hashmia Ainapur Sindgi Road Bijapur.