Introduction of Al Jamia tul Hashmia (Jamia Hashimpeer)

The historic city of Bijapur is the holy land of many great Sufis. This city is also known as Madinatul Awliya. One of the greatest sufis of Qadriya and Shattari order, Qutub e Deccan Sarkar Sayedna Hashimpeer Dastagir, came to Bijapur from medina when he was in pilgrimage on the special instructions of Holy Prophet of Islam Sayedna Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH). Hazrath Hashimpeer came to Bijapur in the 17th century during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II.

Sultan Ibrahim II followed non-Islamic practices and the entire kingdom was under the grip of heretic traditions. With Hazrath Hashimpeer setting up his foot on the soil of Bijapur, he completely transformed the outlook of Bijapur kingdom which was drifting away from the Islamic doctrines. Ibrahim II was deeply influenced by the teachings of Hazrath Hashimpeer , and in his company he completely gave up the heretic practices and followed the Sunni traditions along with all his family members.

During the period of Hazrath Hashimpeer, Bijapur attained great status as a centre of religious learning, particularly the proliferation of spiritual knowledge. The Shattari order achieved great recognition and expansion with the Sufi Master being the centre power house of it. He attracted thousands of followers from all walks of life, and great historians of modern era have attributed the secular outlook and communal harmony of Adil Shahi dynasty to the influence of Sufi Saint Hazrath Hashimpeer.

The family of Hazrath Hashimpeer throughout the ages has served in the field of religious education, spiritual education and reformation of the society through their discourses, simplicity and following the spiritual way of life. It was a long felt need of this region that the faith of Jamat Ahle Sunnat’s perspective required a strong fort of knowledge which can popularize its teachings, doctrines and religious sustainability.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, and with the blessings of dust of the feet of the Holy Prophet of Islam Sayedna Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) and also with the divine bounty of Sarkar Gous e Azam, Sarkar Garib Nawaz, Sarkar Bandanawaz, Sarkar Wajihuddin Hussaini, Sarkar Hashimpeer Dastagir and also Murshid e Kamil, Murshid e Azeem Hazrath Sayed Sha Abdullah Hussaini Hashmi who laid the foundation of Jamia Hashimpeer with his pious hands in pursuit for a religious and spiritual centre of knowledge. In a short span of time, a building was constructed amidst vast campus measuring 8 acres in which imparting of religious knowledge was initiated. Till today a big number of students completed their religious education in different branches such as Alim e Deen, Hafiz e Quran and are serving the society by following the doctrine of Ahle Sunnat.