With the blessings of Qutub E Deccan Hazrath Hashimpeer and by the grace of Murshid E Azeem Sayed Sha Abdullah Hussaini Darul Uloom Hazrath Hsahimpeer was established at Dharwad in 1429 Hijri (2008 CE). At the beginning 70 students took admission in Hifz Branch.

The teachers are very able and Alhamdulillah this is the first branch of Jamia Hashimpeer and the first Ahle Sunnat Madaarsa of Dharwad. After some time a land was purchased for the construction of permanent building for Darul Ullom Hazrath Hashimpeer and presently a beautiful building has been constructed with Hostel facilities.

A magnificent mosque is constructed which is named after Sayed Sha Abdullah Hussaini a great spiritual personality and a Sufi Master of excellence.