Darul Iftah (Religious' Verdict ) Centre { IMAM AHMED RAZA}

The citizens of Darul Zafar Bijapur in particular and the citizens of Deccan in general are immensely benefited with the establishment of Darul Ifta Imam Ahmed Raza. The religious issues and the required solutions to it for the general Muslim masses was deeply felt for a long time. Alhamdullilah Jamia Hashimpeer fulfilled this need and it is named after the great Islamic scholar Imam Ahmed Raza, Mohaddis Bareli.

This institution is visited by numerous people with their religious and social problems, and they get satisfactory solutions to it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. If you have any such problem you are most welcome to visit Darul Ifta and also we request you to make it popular and create an awareness amongst your friends, relatives and the locality in which you live.